Who Will Benefit:

Aged over 40 years with:
- Blurred vision
- Difficulty in reading
- Poor night-time vision
- Eye fatigue due to overstraining
Spectacles & Contact Lens Users
Computer Users
Golfers and Outdoor Sportman


  • Promotes healthy eyesight and sharper vision
  • Protects eyes from harmful blue light & damaging UV rays (from sunlight)
  • Prevents excessive free radical damage to eyes
  • Increases concentration levels of Lutein & Zeaxanthin antioxidants in the eyes

Pack Size(s)

30 Liqfil Capsules

How to Take:

1 capsule daily after meals

Active Ingredient Per Capsule Strength
Marigold Std. Ext.
Standardized to contain min. 15% Lutein ( Provides Lutein 10 mg)
68 mg
Marigold Std. Ext.
Standardized to contain min 40% Zeaxanthin (Provides Zeaxanthin 5mg)
12.5 mg
What makes Live-well OCCUsharp unique? Live-well OCCUsharp contains high potency of zeaxanthin (5mg per capsule).