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General Maintenance

Facts and myths about vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is required by the body to function well and is crucial for strengthening immunity and improving the body's natural defence system.
FACT or Myth 1: I get plenty of vitamin D from sunlight because I live in sunny Malaysia. Read more >>

Don't take D for granted

Contrary to common wisdom, vitamin D isn't just important for strong bones, but also a host of other body systems, including the immune system.
BY the time we reach adulthood, most of us have a general knowledge of what's good and bad for our health... hopefully.... Read more >>

Vitamin D-fence

There have been a number of studies carried out in recent years on the benefits of vitamin D3 on a variety of conditions, such as cancer, heart health, diabetes and Parkinson's disease.
AS we age, our ability to fight off infections and other health problems diminishes significantly. The immune system,... Read more >>

Sunning away my blues

DEPRESSION is a mental disorder where extreme feelings of sadness persist for many months or years
It is different from the feelings of sadness that we all feel from time to time. People who are depressed feel perpetually low and have low self-esteem. They lose interest in activities they once enjoyed and tend to withdraw from others, unable to shake their... Read more >>

The sun's sweet effect

Looking at the effects of vitamin D on diabetes.
For decades, the focus on sunlight exposure has been rather negative. Almost everyone in Malaysia constantly complains about "how hot it is", and the media doesn't help much by focusing on the... Read more >>

An A for vitamin D

More research is revealing the many important functions of vitamin D.
MOST Caucasians deem the act of using an umbrella to protect us from the sun as weird. In tropical Malaysia, many women use umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. Over here, if... Read more >>

D for the heart

Find out more about the heart benefits of vitamin D
ACCORDING to the US-based Vitamin D Council, a non-profit organisation responsible for spreading reliable information on vitamin D, sun exposure, and... Read more >>

Sunshine pill for health

A slew of new studies suggest diets high in vitamin D may improve life expectancy.
COULD shying away from the sun cause more harm to your health than good? There are many reasons why people shy away from the sun, ranging from wanting to maintain fair, porcelain-like skin to fear of getting sunburnt or the dreaded "C" - cancer of the... Read more >>

Your best D-fence?

Vitamin D isn't just vital for strong bones, but many body systems, including the immune system.
Researchers of yesteryears had the notion that vitamin D receptors were only located in certain areas of the body such as the bones, intestines and kidney.. Read more >>

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