WGP Immugard

Immugard your body with Live-well WGP Immugard – which contains patented Wellmune WGP Beta Glucan; the clinically-tested Beta Glucan to strengthen our body and protect our health against infections and diseases.

Falling sick often?
Feeling under the weather lately?
Weak body?
Prone to infections & illnesses?

Poor health & nutritional deficiency is linked to a weak body defence system and many health related conditions and diseases.

Take one tablet of Live-well WGP Immugard daily to help restore good health and prevent our poor bodies from being overwhelmed by germs, pollutants & toxins in our surrounding environment.

Enriched with Vitamin C 1,000 mg for extra antioxidant protection

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What is Wellmune® WGP?

Wellmune® is the patented WGP (whole glucan particle) Beta Glucan from Biothera Health Inc, a part of the globally-renowned Kerry Group based in Europe. Wellmune® WGP is a natural yeast beta glucan derived from the cell wall of a purified proprietary strain of Baker’s Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Wellmune® WGP Beta Glucan has been scientifically-researched, having demonstrated positive health benefits to naturally boost human natural defence system even during periods of physical and lifestyle stress that often cause diseases, infections and illnesses.


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